Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ's

do you accept cash?

No, we are cashless, but feel free to donate to Rathbone Amateur Boxing Club.

What's the locker room set up?

We have complimentary towels, toiletries and lockers (digilocks).  We have monthly locker rentals available as well for £20 - pls inquire at reception.

Do I have to pay for classes before turning up?

In order to book into a class, you need have pre-purchased credits on account.  

Do you provide toiletries ?

We sure do.  We stock Bjork and Berries hand wash, hand cream, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, and body lotion.  They all smell divine.

Getting started

Is there an age requirement?

You must be 16 or older to attend Group Classes; however, we also run group classes for children, starting from age 5.  There is no minimum age for Personal Training.

Do I need to create an account before my class?

Yes please.  You'll need to have an account to purchase credits and to make bookings.

What class is right for me?

If you're a true novice it's probably a good idea to attend a BOX!BOX!BOX! class for starters. If you have some experience boxing, all of our classes will have a challenge for you.

When should I arrive?

If it's your first time at Bermondsey Boxing Club, please arrive a few minutes early so we can show you the ropes.  Otherwise, come in time to wrap your hands and to put on your boxing boots.  Classes begin promptly as scheduled.

What if I'm running late?

Boxing requires discipline.  Be on time.

What is your cancellation policy?

24 hours notice

Arriving at the gym

What should I wear?

Anything you want.  Come dressed in your poshest Lululemon kit or your grubbiest sweats.

What do I need to bring?

A good attitude and a willingness to learn.  We sell wraps, gloves, drinks and snacks on site.  You're also welcome to borrow a pair of gloves from us.  Wraps are mandatory.

Do you provide boxing gloves?

We do, indeed.  You are welcome to borrow a pair of gloves to use for the class, but we also stock a full range of boxing gloves to purchase if you're bit by the boxing bug.

Do you provide hand wraps

Handwraps are mandatory.  You are welcome to bring your own or you can purchase a new pair for £10 from reception.

Will I get hit?

All of our group classes are completely non-contact, but we also offer coached technical sparring sessions.


Do I need insurance?

No, we've got you covered.  All sparring participants will need to provide consent for us to register them with England Boxing.

Are you coaches insured and qualified

Damn right.  We've got the best in the business.

Are your coaches DBS checked?



Do I need to have experience

No, we cater for all levels from first-time novices to seasoned pros.

Can I spar without having attended a class?

No, your safety is our priority.  We will only allow you to jump into the ring once our coaches have assessed you.  If you are new to Bermondsey Boxing Club and have boxed elsewhere, we welcome you to our club, but please make sure you have a coach's permission before getting into the ring.

Can I train myself?

Yes, we welcome drop-ins during off peak hours. 1 credit

Can I hire the gym for a private event?

Yes, please email us at